Sometimes it is the small things in life….

This will, I am sure, come as a bit of a surprise to everyone reading this from the western world, but the children at Elmolo Primary have been provided, for the first time, with toilet paper.  Up until now they have been using the traditional method, stones, instead of paper.  Unfortunately the pit latrines in the school filled up with rocks too quickly, increasing costs to the school.  The project will provide the children and teachers with toilet paper and during the next three months the school committee and the teachers will work with our Joseph and the field team to come up with sustainable solutions that address toilet usage.

News from the Field: Drought Appeal Update

Thank you all so much to all the generous supporters, to date, of our Drought Appeal. Through your gifts, the communities of Mwangaza and Elmolo are receiving critical food and water supplies.  Joseph and his team we are receiving messages of thanks on a daily basis from the people of Mwangaza and Elmolo – on their behalf we thank you!!