West House Sponsor Melvin Auma

A huge thanks to Heli Dixon and everyone in West House at Cranleigh School who raised £1500 through their sponsored walk and cake baking.

The girls of West House have very generously decided to donate the money to help provide Melvin Auma, from Ronda Primary School with the opportunity to complete her education by sponsoring her through to 2014.  Melvin comes from the urban slum area outside the school and lives with her 2 sisters and mother and father in a single roomed, mud house.  She is an amazingly positive girl who loves athletics and wants to be a teacher when she is older.

Over and above this, the funds raised were also put towards the construction of a new School Hall at Ronda which will benefit all the young children at the school.



News from the Field: Drought Appeal Update

Thank you all so much to all the generous supporters, to date, of our Drought Appeal. Through your gifts, the communities of Mwangaza and Elmolo are receiving critical food and water supplies.  Joseph and his team we are receiving messages of thanks on a daily basis from the people of Mwangaza and Elmolo – on their behalf we thank you!!

A Huge Thank You to all at Cranleigh Prep School for an Amazing Landmark!!

While our little blog is only a week old, EnKI has been going a little while longer.

2012 will be our 15th birthday and it has always been so uplifting to witness first hand the generosity of so many. to help the children of Kenya, who without such kindness would have such little hope.

While we hope the blog helps keep you up to date with all the new, exciting projects and developments, we also want to use it to thank all the inspirational people who have helped us and the children on our journey over the last 15 years.

One of our longest standing supporters is Cranleigh Prep School, who since 2002 have forged a link with Ronda School in the slums of Nakuru, helping fund the building of classrooms, toilet blocks and much, much more.  This year, the teachers, parents and children at Cranleigh Prep have reached a truly momentous landmark, having now raised over GBP25,000!!

Words cannot express our gratitude to Debbie, Stella, Mike, Carolyn and all those so heavily involved in helping transform the school at Ronda and the lives of so many children.  Thank you all so much from us all at EnKI and all the children and wider community at Ronda.

The Children of Elmolo find friends in the Cranleigh C of E Primary School

The bond that continues to grow between the teachers, parents and children at Cranleigh C of E Primary School and their counterparts in the impoverished region of  Elmolo is inspiring to witness and be a part of.  

Jane Byford and the teachers, parents and children at Cranleigh have raised well over about £1500 that has gone directly to helping improve the conditions at Elmolo Bay Primary.  Over the past five years, the connection has flourished and every pound raised continues to help provide ever more hope for the children of Elmolo.

Jacob Naikele – Head Teacher at Elmolo Bay Primary School writes:

“Elmolo Bay Primary School, located on the south eastern shore of Lake Turkana, Kenya, provides schooling opportunities for the children of Elmolo – the smallest tribe in Kenya and indeed in Africa. The Elmolo community is also amongst the poorest in Kenya, deriving its existence solely from Lake Turkana resources. EnKI established linkage between our school and Cranleigh C of E Primary School about five years ago. – and the subsequent benefits  to our pupils and the  school have been great. Elmolo has since benefited from:High school access educational scholarships, learning resources materials, school uniforms, and regular and inspirational visits from EnKI trustees. The mails and music exchanges enables our community to understand and appreciate international relations. On behalf of Elmolo community and the school, I thank EnKI and her donors for being so VERY important in the lives of our Children. Indeed the programme has restored Pupils’ hopes, aspirations and confidence to face the future.” 

 On 19th September, Mike Payne – Head of our UK team, received a cheque for £671 for EnKI and Elmolo from the ever-generous children, staff and parents of Cranleigh Primary.

We have launched our work supporting Elmolo. Each class has been asked to sponsor 2 children from classes at Elmolo. I have tried to match up the children with children of their own age. They are planning their own fund-raising events and also plan to write letters etc.” Julie Molesey Rep-Teacher at Cranleigh.

The team at EnKI would like to thank everyone involved through Cranleigh C of E Primary for helping make such a difference for the children in the community on Elmolo.