About The EnKI Fund

For many children in Kenya the choice is education or, all too often, a life on the streets that frequently leads to crime.  Eighteen per cent of Kenyan children are not educated at all.  Of the 5.5 million who have primary education, only one in five goes to secondary school. Primary education is state-funded; secondary education is not.

The EnKI Fund (The Education Kenya International Fund) is a registered charity, set up in 1997 to arrange the sponsorship of secondary school children and to help in the building of classrooms for primary school children.  We are a 100% volunteer organisation, so over 90% of all donations go directly to helping the children.

This is the blog for EnKI, please feel free to pass it on to help us help give the children of Kenya a life, not just an existence.

If you would like to donate to help us help the children of Kenya, please visit our Just Giving page http://www.justgiving.com/enki-fund. 

For any more information, please contact Rakhee on rakhee@enkifund.org

Charities Commission England & Wales: 1065457

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