Nancy reflects on the past and future of EnKI

“I am a very lucky 25-year-old lady. I hail from a humble village in the outskirts of Nakuru, Kenya. 11 years ago, after my primary school studies, no-one would have thought I would then go the High school, let alone university – life was so challenging and food so scarce. I am so grateful to Mike and Veronica Payne, who through the EnKI Fund, came to my aid when I most need it: they supported me through my education. They are more than god parents to me – they love, care and cherish me and I value them loads. I would love to see EnKI as a close knitted family where we, the older boys and girls of EnKI, through our own initiative, join hands with the EnKI friends, to give advice, support, care and fund raise to help our fellow brothers and sisters who are where we were before EnKI  came to our rescue. God bless the EnKI family”. Nancy Moige.

People such as Nancy are helping shape the future of EnKI and ensure that our original vision of sustainability 14 years ago is becoming an exciting reality.

Her passion to use her education and skills is helping pave the way for Kenyans who want to take an active lead in finding solutions to many of the problems the communities of rural Kenya are facing.

One thought on “Nancy reflects on the past and future of EnKI

  1. Nancy’s sponsors, Mike and Veronica, write: We are very proud of Nancy for what she has achieved: a 2:1 degree in Sociology and Communication and added to that a qualification as an Accountant. She now faces the challenge of finding employment – as we all know an issue for graduates in England as well as in Kenya. Months of making what contacts she can, and of circulating her CV, have so far drawn a blank. She is prepared to take on anything anywhere in Kenya, even if her hopes of finding a job in the charity field have to be put on hold. If you are able to help in finding a job placement, please contact Rakhee on

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