An Update From The Field

Joseph Halake and his team report from their field trip to Kenya’s northern regions.


 TRIP DATES- September 23rd to October 3rd 2012

Programme Schools:  Mwangaza, Garqarsa & Elmolo Bay Primary Schools

Others SSP Schools: Marsabit boys, St Mary’s Girls & Meru Secondary Schools.



The Northern region was dry and dusty during the trip. The road from Isiolo to Marsabit  (280km) is half-way tarmacked.  The other half of the road is bumpy and rough to drive on by light vehicles.

I witnessed long trek by women and donkeys to far off places for water in Marsabit region.  The journey to water sources covered an average of 10 Km and is done daily or every other day.

Schools just resumed after three weeks of teachers work boycott.  Teachers were jovial and looking forward to improved incomes at the end of October. Most Schools storage tanks are empty and Head teachers were seeking the costly tracking water services from vendors to be able to run lunch programmes.  Relief food supplies to deserving populations appear to have been phased out.  There is evidence of food scarcity to most residents of the region.  Farmers in potential agricultural regions of Marsabit were busy preparing land for planting.

The natural resources of the wild north are for sure attracting investors. One Kenyan energy company was seeking for 100,000 acres of land to establish wind farm.  A Dutch company was about to construct road to Loyangalani to transport equipment to establish 100 wind turbines with capacity to generate 300 KW of wind energy. Production of green energy for the country will most likely be from northern part of the country. Plans were at advanced stage to import hydropower from Ethiopia through the region.

A number of secondary schools have been developed and are operational in Marsabit region. Insecurity has improved and I had no mechanical problems with the vehicle during the trip.

Objectives of the trip were:

  • To donate 59 assorted solar lantern  to Mwangaza and Garqarsa
  • Collect pending CSP data  from  the three programme schools
  • Donate, printer, computer and stationery to Elmolo school
  • Make presentations about our charities to Marsabit High School & Saku center of excellence.
  • Train Elmolo teachers on use of new equipment
  • Attend to urgent requests of the school
  • Hold discussions with schools on priority projects

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