2011 – A Great Year!!!

Looking back on 2011, it has been another incredible year for EnKI.
Almost 15 years old and I can very happily say that today we are going stronger than ever.  So much of that is down to you all and your amazing work, dedication and support.
To each and every sponsor and supporter, I thank you.  Words fail me in expressing the gratitude we all have to you!!  Each and every one of your generous acts has helped transformed the lives of so many children in rural Kenya.  New classrooms, toilet blocks and halls have been built in Rhonda and Mwangaza, 16 more children were supported through secondary school and many were helped with emergency water and food supplies in the drought hit regions of the north. None of this would have been possible without all your incredible support and for that I, all the EnKI team and all the children and their families thank you!!!
And for those amazing people who give their time and love and expertise to EnKI, thank you for keeping the positive momentum growing each year.  Over the last 6 years Mike has stepped into the role of Chairman (while nobly refusing to take the title he deserves so much!!).  Words cannot express the love and admiration I have for Mike, without you EnKI would be half of what it is today.  Joseph has also been the most amazing rock for us, he, Pamela and the team and inspiring in their unflinching drive to help the children of Kenya, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
To the board in the UK: Robin for bringing an incredible passion to the board in everything from fund-raising to newsletters and projects in the field; Rich for his incredible fund-raising across the Sahara, Rich and Emma who have been a huge help in getting our website up and running; Bena for her expertise in keeping our funds flowing; Sheryl for her positivity and for sponsoring Wato with Bena and Debbie for helping our relationship with Cranleigh Prep to bring so much hope to the EnKI children.
I have used a lot of superlatives I know, but I cannot find another way of expressing how much all of you mean to me and to EnKI.  Much love, Rakhee and all the children :)

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