Humble Beginnings

When we started our journey as EnKI in 1996, we set out to achieve one simple goal, to give children a life, not just an existence. Since then we have been blessed to have found support in so may corners of the world.

From the generosity of our sponsors and the indefatigable spirit of all our board members and field force to the rural communities in rural Kenya – everyone of you have helped change the world for those who have so little. My words become limiting when trying to describe the gratitude I hold in my heart for all of you who have made the dream of our little charity become a positive reality for the EnKI children.

While we have come a way since our beginnings, we still have very much to do, and while one child exists without hope, that is one child too many. If we each believe that, as individuals, we can make a difference through out thoughts and actions, today each one of us can bring hope where often there is none.

We hope you enjoy this  EnKI blog and that in some ways it helps you feel more connected to the children that you have done so much to help. Thank you for your support on the journey thus far…

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