News from the Field: Elmolo School Projects

An update from Joseph in a recent visit to the Marsabit region. Thanks to the generosity of the children, parents and teachers at Cranleigh C of E Primary School, we are able to help make a difference to the lives and schooling of the children of Elmolo Bay.

The school does well and enjoys sustained development support from a number of agencies and institutions. Two new dormitories, additional water distribution system and solar (one each for boys and girls) were completed with funding from CDTF(European union). The boarding is maintained by Kenya Government. Student population is at 329 while that of teachers is 9. In addition, the Elmolo school has two feeder nursery schools with a population of 94. A new primary school was set up by Kenya government for one of the two Elmolo villages. Elmolo community has now two primary schools. Water access to schools and villages has been good. Jacob is still the Head at Elmolo while his former deputy Richard is the Head at the new primary school called Layeni.

Photos from Joseph’s latest visit.

Elmolo Field Visit

Elmolo Field Visit Cran CoE Elmolo 5
Cran CoE Elmolo1
CranCoE Elmolo 3 CranCoE Elmolo 4

A Huge Thank You to Everyone at Cranleigh C of E Primary

Since 2008, the teachers, parents and children at Cranleigh C of E Primary School have been supporting the children of Elmolo Bay Primary School in Loiyangalani, Marsabit County, Kenya.

Thanks to all the kind donations and incredible fund-raising efforts, the school has raised£5300 in the last 5 years, helping provide much needed education materials, uniforms and other necessities we often take for granted in our daily lives.

In June, Mike Payne had the opportunity to visit the children of Cranleigh C of E Primary and thank them for all their amazing fund-raising efforts. After showing everyone some of the photos from a recent Field Trip to Elmolo, the children presented Mike with a cheque for £700. Thank you so much to everyone at Cranleigh C of E Primary!!

Mike, receiving the generous donation from the children of Cranleigh C of E Primary

Mike, receiving the generous donation from the children of Cranleigh C of E Primary


Welch’s Warriors Raise a Record Amount to Help the Children of Rhino School

Over 100 boys, teachers and parents from Loveday house at Cranleigh School got together on a crisp early March morning.  The goal was to ride the 15kms around the Surrey hills in an effort to raise as much money as possible for EnKI and a few other lucky charities.

The team did an incredible job and managed to raise a record amount of money, £3,000 of which has been kindly donated to EnKI to help with the re-development of the Rhino school classrooms below.  Check back for updates and photos from the school as the project progresses.

Classroom before the upgrade

Classroom before the upgrade

P1010390 cycling for enki 1 cycling for enki 2

Check out what the team managed to achieve here.

Thanks so much everyone!!




Welch’s Warriors Cycling for Change

Thank you so much to Welch’s Warriors – The Loveday Charity Cycle team will be cycling to support the EnKI children on March the 23rd.

We’ll be following their Tour de Surrey here and on our facebook page posting updates.

If you would like to show them your support, you can donate at our Just Giving page

Inspiring People – Eric Kibet

Eric was born into a life and world that is a million miles from the one that so many of us know.  He came into a world of abject poverty in the remote countryside in the great Eburu Escarpment, Nakuru County, Kenya.  Eric’s father toiled in the heat, harvesting sand from dawn to dusk just to be able to provide a solitary basic meal for his family.  One of seven brothers and sisters, anything other than working the land to help with his family’s survival was a distant dream for Eric.  That dream seemed even further away when his father sadly passed – Eric was barely five years old.

Eric and his brothers and sisters became adults that day and sought out whatever work they could, often walking miles to do hard manual labour on other people’s farms.  None of them made it past primary school, as a carefree childhood slipped through their fingers like the sand they harvested every day.

Then in 1997 the flames of politically instigated ethnic tensions swept through the region and Eric and his family were forced to flee their home, leaving behind what meagre possessions they had and relocate in Morop, a foreign part of Makuru County.  Scrapping for whatever land was available, the family finally settled on a small plot of unproductive earth with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Dreaming of a better future, Eric moved in with his brother, a casual labourer at Mwariki Settlement Scheme, a peri-urban slum area in the Nakuru Municipality, so that he could continue with his schooling.  Life though didn’t seem to want to play ball and the pressures of living below the poverty line and the need to survive meant the vicious cycle continued.  Eric however, would not be ground down and he somehow managed to keep his school work going, studying when close to exhaustion and often with little if nothing to keep him going other than his dream.

The first break of light in Eric’s life came when, through his hard work, he came top of not just his school but the entire eleven schools in the Ronda region with a score of 404 out of 500 for his KCPE.  This amazing feat led to Eric connecting with the PdE and EnKI team in Nakuru and soon he found a sponsor, Carolyn Jenkins, whose generosity has helped turn the tide of poverty for Eric and provide him with the means to achieve his dream.  Through his sponsorship, Eric was able to work his way through secondary school education at Ndururumo High School, excelling as a straight A grade student and Head Boy.  In 2012 his dream came a step closer when he won a place at the University of Nairobi dental school to do a first degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery where he is now in his sophomore year.

His long awaited dream of becoming a surgeon and helping people is now becoming reality.  Eric is an inspiration to us all, reminding us that belief and dedication can break through almost anything, we are very proud to have Eric and his Carolyn Jenkins, his helping hand, as part of the EnKI family.

Eric Kibet


Congratulations Joseph and D.Light

Huge congratulations and thanks to Joseph for his amazing work helping the communities of Marsabit to find a brighter future thanks to the partnership with d.light in the region.  D.light is a  for-profit social enterprise whose purpose is to create new freedoms for customers without access to reliable power so they can enjoy a brighter future.  With 1 in 3 people not having access to reliable electricity, D.Light aims to transform the lives of at least 100 million people by 2020 – they are going strong with close to 12 million lives ‘empowered to date’.

Joseph has been an inspiration in helping introduce this life changing technology to Marsabit and just last week won a photographic prize for capturing the introduction and demonstration of the lights to pupils & parents at Gar Qarsa Primary, Marsabit.  Click here to post your congrats to Joseph on the D.Light facebook page or drop us a comment below.

Demonstration of D.Light to the parents and children of Gar Qarsa, Marsabit.

Demonstration of D.Light to the parents and children of Gar Qarsa, Marsabit.
















Well done and thank you Joseph :)

P.s. If you would like to find out more about D.Lite, you can check out any of the below links. D.Lite Website | D.Lite Facebook | D.Lite Twitter

An Update From The Field

Joseph Halake and his team report from their field trip to Kenya’s northern regions.


 TRIP DATES- September 23rd to October 3rd 2012

Programme Schools:  Mwangaza, Garqarsa & Elmolo Bay Primary Schools

Others SSP Schools: Marsabit boys, St Mary’s Girls & Meru Secondary Schools.



The Northern region was dry and dusty during the trip. The road from Isiolo to Marsabit  (280km) is half-way tarmacked.  The other half of the road is bumpy and rough to drive on by light vehicles.

I witnessed long trek by women and donkeys to far off places for water in Marsabit region.  The journey to water sources covered an average of 10 Km and is done daily or every other day.

Schools just resumed after three weeks of teachers work boycott.  Teachers were jovial and looking forward to improved incomes at the end of October. Most Schools storage tanks are empty and Head teachers were seeking the costly tracking water services from vendors to be able to run lunch programmes.  Relief food supplies to deserving populations appear to have been phased out.  There is evidence of food scarcity to most residents of the region.  Farmers in potential agricultural regions of Marsabit were busy preparing land for planting.

The natural resources of the wild north are for sure attracting investors. One Kenyan energy company was seeking for 100,000 acres of land to establish wind farm.  A Dutch company was about to construct road to Loyangalani to transport equipment to establish 100 wind turbines with capacity to generate 300 KW of wind energy. Production of green energy for the country will most likely be from northern part of the country. Plans were at advanced stage to import hydropower from Ethiopia through the region.

A number of secondary schools have been developed and are operational in Marsabit region. Insecurity has improved and I had no mechanical problems with the vehicle during the trip.

Objectives of the trip were:

  • To donate 59 assorted solar lantern  to Mwangaza and Garqarsa
  • Collect pending CSP data  from  the three programme schools
  • Donate, printer, computer and stationery to Elmolo school
  • Make presentations about our charities to Marsabit High School & Saku center of excellence.
  • Train Elmolo teachers on use of new equipment
  • Attend to urgent requests of the school
  • Hold discussions with schools on priority projects

Bringing Schools and Children Closer Through Art

The children of Cranleigh Primary School have recently just finished an amazing project – creating their  own Elmolo Village – through their art.  The evocative art collection depicts the people, the wildlife and the huts that make up the village and school of Elmolo.  Thank you so much to everyone involved in the project, the pictures are on their way to the children of Elmolo as I write and will be received with smiles and huge thanks.

2011 – A Great Year!!!

Looking back on 2011, it has been another incredible year for EnKI.
Almost 15 years old and I can very happily say that today we are going stronger than ever.  So much of that is down to you all and your amazing work, dedication and support.
To each and every sponsor and supporter, I thank you.  Words fail me in expressing the gratitude we all have to you!!  Each and every one of your generous acts has helped transformed the lives of so many children in rural Kenya.  New classrooms, toilet blocks and halls have been built in Rhonda and Mwangaza, 16 more children were supported through secondary school and many were helped with emergency water and food supplies in the drought hit regions of the north. None of this would have been possible without all your incredible support and for that I, all the EnKI team and all the children and their families thank you!!!
And for those amazing people who give their time and love and expertise to EnKI, thank you for keeping the positive momentum growing each year.  Over the last 6 years Mike has stepped into the role of Chairman (while nobly refusing to take the title he deserves so much!!).  Words cannot express the love and admiration I have for Mike, without you EnKI would be half of what it is today.  Joseph has also been the most amazing rock for us, he, Pamela and the team and inspiring in their unflinching drive to help the children of Kenya, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
To the board in the UK: Robin for bringing an incredible passion to the board in everything from fund-raising to newsletters and projects in the field; Rich for his incredible fund-raising across the Sahara, Rich and Emma who have been a huge help in getting our website up and running; Bena for her expertise in keeping our funds flowing; Sheryl for her positivity and for sponsoring Wato with Bena and Debbie for helping our relationship with Cranleigh Prep to bring so much hope to the EnKI children.
I have used a lot of superlatives I know, but I cannot find another way of expressing how much all of you mean to me and to EnKI.  Much love, Rakhee and all the children :)

Channing School link with Delamere High School for Girls in Nakuru

We are really excited to welcome Channing School to the Schools Partner Programme.  The school is looking to set up collaborative learning projects to build on the bonds that have been created through letter writing between students at both schools.











Thank you to everyone at Channing School!!






Cranleigh Primary hold Elmolo Week

The children of Venus, Mercury, Neptune and Pluto classes at Cranleigh Primary School all took part in Elmolo workshops this week as part of their amazing ongoing programme to support the School Partner Programme. The children took part in art, craft, drama and  music activities and then at the end of Friday afternoon, they showed their results to Year 3.  Please click on the link to check out all the amazing work they created.

Also, scroll down to read about all the incredible fundraising the school has done since June 2010.

Thank you to everyone in Venus, Mercury, Neptune and Pluto from all the EnKI children!!! :) 



Ben, Matt & Henry bake cakes to help build Ronda School Hall

Thanks so much to Ben, Matt & Henry for baking up a treat and selling small cakes to the lucky people on the streets of Cobham.

Cobham’s 3 most industrious friends amazingly raised £600 from their delicious treats!!  The money is going towards laying the floor to the new multi-purpose School Hall at Ronda.  Everyone at EnKI and the 1,000+ children at Ronda say a HUGE thanks to you guys!!




Sometimes it is the small things in life….

This will, I am sure, come as a bit of a surprise to everyone reading this from the western world, but the children at Elmolo Primary have been provided, for the first time, with toilet paper.  Up until now they have been using the traditional method, stones, instead of paper.  Unfortunately the pit latrines in the school filled up with rocks too quickly, increasing costs to the school.  The project will provide the children and teachers with toilet paper and during the next three months the school committee and the teachers will work with our Joseph and the field team to come up with sustainable solutions that address toilet usage.

West House Sponsor Melvin Auma

A huge thanks to Heli Dixon and everyone in West House at Cranleigh School who raised £1500 through their sponsored walk and cake baking.

The girls of West House have very generously decided to donate the money to help provide Melvin Auma, from Ronda Primary School with the opportunity to complete her education by sponsoring her through to 2014.  Melvin comes from the urban slum area outside the school and lives with her 2 sisters and mother and father in a single roomed, mud house.  She is an amazingly positive girl who loves athletics and wants to be a teacher when she is older.

Over and above this, the funds raised were also put towards the construction of a new School Hall at Ronda which will benefit all the young children at the school.



Inspired design now we just need a generous manufacturer!!!

Creative and design genius Caz Hoad from Cazmic Design has designed a cool little Tee for us.  We love it and we’d love to get some printed up to sell to raise some money for the Drought Appeal.  If anyone knows a friendly clothing manufacturer who could help us get a small batch made up it would be amazing :)

Check it out and let us know by liking, leaving a comment or emailing us ( and hopefully we can get enough orders to turn this neat little design into reality!!




East House – Cranleigh School raise £4,000 in a day for Ronda

Amazingly the boys, girls and teachers of East House, Cranleigh School, managed to raise over £4000.  All the money helped fund the construction of a much-needed new classroom at Ronda Primary where over 1,000 children go in search of a better future on the edge of one of Kenya’s largest slums.

The classroom was proudly opened by Mike (ex-master at Cranleigh and EnKI Trustee) in March 2011.

News from the Field: Drought Appeal Update

Thank you all so much to all the generous supporters, to date, of our Drought Appeal. Through your gifts, the communities of Mwangaza and Elmolo are receiving critical food and water supplies.  Joseph and his team we are receiving messages of thanks on a daily basis from the people of Mwangaza and Elmolo – on their behalf we thank you!!